Henry Art Liaisons

We are a group of UW students from multidisciplinary backgrounds, instructed by artist, curator, and writer Berette S. Macaulay. We share a passion for decentralizing art and museum practices and are interested in dismantling structures that are rooted in systems of colonialism, capitalism, and hegemony. In our time interning at the Henry, we have learned to foreground visitor-centered programming and activities in order to create a bridge between you and the art world.

When this program began in Autumn 2020, it was named the Museum Guide Program. Within our weekly salons in Winter 2021, we were asked a series of questions to examine this title, its utility and accessibility to us and the publics we would ultimately serve. We took on the invitation to rename the internship the Henry Art Liaison Program. Rather than centering the institution, the new name centers "art" and our role not as a trained authority, but rather as interlocutor, with visitors who enter the museum space with variable experiences and knowledges.

As Henry Art Liaisons, we are a part of building a program with the aim of establishing precedents of best practices in visitor engagement programming that increase curiosity and inquiry through community access, further enriching an open space of incisive reflexive change. We have been learning to apply these values to building tours and visitor activities in conversation with exhibitions at the Henry Art Gallery.


The “Collective Annotated Bibliography'' (CAB), was an assignment given to us by Program Manager, Berette S Macaulay, who emphasized accessibility and conversation. As a cohort we have co-curated an expanding archive of materials and sources to help you think critically about art and museum-related topics. This was born out of a recognition that art and museum spheres can feel like daunting spaces, and that accessible information regarding practices, critical theory, history, resources, and activism can be difficult to find and understand. We stress the importance of reinstating the personal and response-ability into arts discussions, which we aim to achieve in our annotations as well as the multi-media and trans-disciplinary sources we pull from. Follow the links below to read all three volumes of the CAB. 

IN CONVO, CAB Vol. I, 2020-21, Edited + Designed by Em Chan

IN CONVO, CAB Vol. II, 2020-21, Edited + Designed by Em Chan

ENTROPY, CAB Vol. III, 2021-22, Edited by Huma Ali and Asher Stein, Designed by Shreya Balaji

2nd Year HALs:

Huma Ali, Shreya Balaji, Marlowe Barrington, Em Chan, Moe'Neyah Holland, Kathryn Reyes, Asher Stein, Hadi Yusri

Inaugural HAL team:
Cassidy Correia, Devan Kirk, Em Chan, Grace Fletcher, Jessamyn Gilbert, Michelle Ma, Tony Lasley, Sasha Fiona Lavassar-Clinton